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Q: How do I know which Smart Shade will work for me?
A: Hairology, formulated with Natural Keratin Fibers and Natural Oat Protein, is colored with smart pigments that will pick up the high and low range in the color spectrum of the shade. For example:

Women with Dark Brown to Black hair will want to choose Smart BLACK.

Women with Medium Brown to Dark Brown hair will want to choose Smart BROWN.

Women with Medium Blonde to Light Brown hair will want to choose Smart BLONDE.

Women with Light Gray to Medium Gray hair will want to choose Smart GRAY.

Q: Can I use Hairology with my current hair styling and shine products like gels, Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil?
A: For best results, DO NOT USE hair gels or shine products with Hairology. This will cause the product to liquefy and it may cause the keratin fibers to dislodge. Note that Hairology contains a Natural Oat Protein that aids the appearance of healthier skin and hair.

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